Whether you're looking for something for your vegetarian tastebuds, or you want some juicy pulled pork on your salad, we have something for everyone.

Fresh Ingredients

Delicious Desserts

Our Pecan Pies are made exclusively by Mama Jo. And if you want some Banana Pudding, tell us first since they are made to order.

Just one taste and you'll be hooked!

FunniBonz BBQ SmokeHouse

Looking for a great gift? Why not give a FunniBonz BBQ SmokeHouse Gift Certificate?  Better yet, let us help you create a custom BBQ basket!  They will love you for it!  

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Funnibonz BBQ Smokehouse in Robbinsville

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Eat in or take out! It's up to you!

Favorites like our collard greens, sweet potato pudding (with pineapples and marshmallows) and macaroni and cheese have been passed through our family for generations. 

Family Recipes 

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