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Our rubs are just as amazing and just as unique in flavor as the FunniBonz Barbeque name. They help bring out the best flavors in your meat, poultry and fish. Try them on roasted veggies or as an enhancement in your chicken stew. You will love the flavors.

We've built our reputation on delicious, and unusual sauces and rubs.  Our two original sauces grew into four and now we've added a fifth to the lineup that we can't seem to keep on the shelves.  If you haven't tried them, you don't know what you're missing. 

Coming soon... pulled pork and smoked brisket!

You can now enjoy juicy ribs and tender smoked wings right in your own home. It comes straight from our SmokeHouse to your table and can be ready in minutes.  Go ahead and say you've been cooking all day.  We won't tell!

Barbeque for you at home

Our own Sauces and Rubs